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founded by mariam bashorun, Black British Bloggers is a network for Black British bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters. It was founded with a simple aim - to get online creators networking with their peers and foster brand collaborations.  

What sets us apart from other blogger networks is our focus on the Black British experience. We are dedicated to elevating Black voices in the UK and supporting the growth of our creative community. Engage with the group on social media, subscribe to the weekly newsletter and join us at our next networking event. 

We are proud to be a resource for passionate creatives and to also be a conduit for brands looking to engage with this influential audience. Our outreach services have fostered collaborations with emerging and established brands - resulting in unique and authentic content that adds value to their brand. 

Content creators head over to our hub to explore the resources available to you. Brands head here to find the many ways you can work with us.