Finding Your Voice As A Blogger by Mary Agbesanwa

It has been estimated that there are over three hundred million blogs online.

300 million.


That is a lot of blogs. A lot of content and no doubt a lot of people writing on the same topic, whether that is health, beauty or anything else. In a world where there is increasingly a lot of content, how can you make sure that your blog is authentic and stands out from the crowd?

Whether you are new to the blogging community or you have been around for a while, here are 16 tips for the Black British Blogger community on how to effectively find your voice as a blogger.

Writing The Perfect About Me Page

People tend to overlook their About Me pages but it's usually my first post of call when visiting a blog or YouTube channel for the first time. What I find here should tell me enough about you and your platform that I'll want to stick around and engage with your content. Click through for some tips on how you can craft the perfect About Me.