Blogger Spotlight: Stella of Fashion & Style Police

Fashion & Style Police

Introducing Stella of Fashion & Style Police... 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

I am a full time blogger, freelance PR consultant and writer. I also wrote a book - How to Cash In as a Blogger (Available on Amazon).  I have a very busy life running my online business and family - I am a twin mum to soon to be 3 years old boy/girl toddlers. They keep me very busy.

When did you start blogging and what motivated you to start?

I started blogging October 2012. I hated my job and I was at a low point in my life. I needed a creative outlet so Fashion and Style Police was born. I have not looked back ever since.

How has your blog evolved since starting your blogging journey?

It started off as a fashion blog, along the way I decided to add a bit of beauty and lifestyle, and I love the direction in which the blog is going now. Writing about only fashion would have been a bore.

Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years time?

I see myself still blogging and offering my services a a PR. I see my online empire growing with millions of followers and many clients. And I see myself still loving what I do, which I think is the most important part.

Do you have any bloggers you admire and follow yourself?

Yes I do. I admire so many but I will just name two. I admire Emma at Fashion Mommy because she is a full time blogger and mummy and she kind of reminds me of myself. I see a lot of my hustle in her and that motivates me to work harder. I also admire Amber at Forever Amber, I love her photography and the quality of her blog posts.

Do you have any advice for bloggers who want to get into fashion & beauty blogging?

Start. Just start blogging and don't overthink too much. Ignore the 'noise' in the blogging industry and pay attention to your blog and your growth. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Invest in a good camera and photo editing software if you can afford to and just blog.

What are your hopes for the Black British Blogging community?

I would like to see more Black British bloggers doing well. I think the majority of us are not noticed as much as we should be and I would like to see that change for the better.

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