Everything You Need To Do After A Successful Brand Collaboration

The post is up, tweets are sent and the hard work of the campaign is over! Before you move on to the next, here are few things to do post campaign that will cement your relationship with the brand and help you with future brand collaborations. 

how to work with brands

Let the brand know your work is done. Once all the content is up and the social media postings are done, let the brand know. Send an email thanking them for the opportunity and include links to all the content you have produced for them. It would also be a nice touch to send them some preliminary stats so they know how the content is being received. 

Ask for feedback. This should happen at least a couple of weeks after your post goes up so the brand has had time to measure the impact. Feedback is vital when it comes to growing your platform. Finding out areas you can improve on can only help plus you can quote positive feedback on your website/media kit.

Put together a case study. A case study is basically a proven example of what you can achieve. Monitor the analytics of all your postings and social media for at least a month. You want to note down how many views and engagements your content got. If you used affiliate links, make a note of how many clicks and orders you generated. This is not only great for showing off in your next pitch, it's also good for you to have a clear idea of what you can deliver. You don't have to do this after every campaign just the major ones. 

Update your about me/advertise with me page. On whichever page on your website you choose to advertise your services, you should also have a section where you list the brands you've worked with. After the campaign is over, go ahead and post the brand name there and if you have it, a nice quote from the brand that says how amazing you are to work with.