How To Manage A Successful Brand Collaboration

The brand loved your pitch, you've agreed on a rate and now is the time for the work to begin. This post will be detailing how to manage brand expectations and ensure your collaboration is a roaring success. 

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Get expectations in writing. If you only do one thing on this list, this is it. Before you type a single letter on your blog, send over an email outlining exactly what you intend to deliver and when. The brand may not ask this of you but it will make sure everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises. It is easy for things to get lost in translation especially if you've been going back and forth over email.   

Come up with a plan and stick to it. This ensures you deliver the quality content you have promised and to the agreed deadline. Make sure you allow time to edit, take photos etc. Also consider the other content you have scheduled for the same period. You want the content to feel natural to your platform and there is no conflict of interest.

Under promise and over deliver. You want to match the brands expectations and then go the extra mile. If you are reviewing an event, live tweet it or include them in your Insta stories. Doing a product review, why not include an unboxing post or a first impressions post. These little add ons are the kind of perks that brands love and make you look really good. 
Keep the lines of communications open. For the duration of the campaign you need to be available as the brand may want to make amendments to what was discussed. Aim to reply to emails within 24 hours. If for any reason, you are unable to deliver the content on time let the brand know in advance. Once the post is live, let them know and send them a link. Tag them in every social media post so if they choose to, they can engage with your followers. 

Use analytics to track your posts. Use your analytics to measure how much traffic the post is getting. Let this guide your behaviour in terms of social media promotion. This is also useful info to have for building case studies.