How To Put Together A Media Kit

If you are planning on working with brands, you need a media kit. A media kit is a one page document that provides an overview of who you are and what your platform is about. It's your chance to show off and highlight what sets you apart from other bloggers. 

how to media kit

Get everything together that you need to include. Before you get to the business of actually putting together your document, have all the information and images you will need ready. Below are some of the things that can go into your media kit.  

  • A photo of yourself and/or your blog logo. 
  • A selection of images that reflect the content on your blog. These should be pictures that you have taken or have permission to use. 
  • Page views per month
  • Unique visitors per month
  • Subscribers
  • Social media following 
  • Audience demographics - gender, location, age range etc

Download a template or design your own. You are quick Google search away from a media kit template. Some you have to pay for but plenty are free. If you have a good head for design, make something unique that matches the theme of your platform. 

Include a description of yourself and your blog. Provide a little background to who you are and really highlight your strengths. Are you an accomplished writer? Won a blog award? Trained in photography/graphic design? Include that in the mix. When writing about your platform, provide a little history (when you started, the evolution of your platform etc), who you audience are (back this up with stats) and any notable experiences you have had.

Present your stats. This can be written out but I find that graphics are more eye catching. Include a footnote that states when the data was collected and from where i.e 'stats correct as of September 2017, sourced from Google Analytics'.

Services you offer. You don't have go into too much detail, save that for your rate card. A list of the services you offer is fine. 

Optional But Highly Recommended

Examples of popular content. Provide two or three examples of content that have performed really well. Post the thumbnail image, the post title and post views. You can also include how many times the post has been shared and its social media reach. 

List of brands you've previously worked with. Depending on the look of your kit this could be a written list or you could include the brand logos. 

Testimonials. Testimonials prove that you not only have experience but provide a service that is worth shouting about. Include one or two quotes that make you sound really good. 

Media Kit Examples

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