Equipment For Your YouTube Channel

Unlike a blog which you can start with a laptop and access to the internet, starting a YouTube channel requires a little more equipment. This handy guide will go over the basics as well as the more fancy gear that you may want for your channel.

youtube tips.png

A good quality camera. This does not necessarily have to be a DSLR, a good quality point and shoot can be just as good. The most popular DSLR among YouTubers is the Canon 70D. It's not exactly cheap but it will help you produce professional looking videos. In the point and shoot category, there is the Canon S120 which has built in wifi and a wide angle lens which makes it ideal for vlogging. There are loads of options out there so do your research and figure out which is the best camera on your budget.

An external microphone. This is a microphone that you can plug into your camera and it will provide better sound quality than the one that is built into the camera. RODE microphones are considered the best in the industry but there are plenty more affordable options of comparable quality. 

USB microphone. This is one that you can plug into your laptop if you are planning on doing voice overs. Again do your research before adding to basket as quality can vary. 

Tripod. A tripod is pretty much an essential part of any YouTuber's kit. You can get your classic tripod or go for a flexipod which is great if you want to play around with angles.  

Wireless camera remote. This can make filming a lot easier as you can start filming with the click of a button. Also handy for taking pics. 

Professional lens. For those who are a little more advanced, you can invest in a great lens. The most coveted lens by professionals is the Canon 24-70 but you can find great cheaper alternatives. 

Ring light. Lighting is key when it comes to quality YouTube videos and a ring light can make all the difference. If you don't have the space or budget, you can find ring lights that fit over the lens of the camera.

Umbrella lights. Another lighting option, although bulkier these tend to be less expensive than ring lights. A better option if you aren't ready to commit to the ring light. 

Soft boxes. These large lighting boxes are popular especially with beauty bloggers. They are quite large and require set up and break down each time. 

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