How To Monetise Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has a lot of financial potential with the top earning YouTube stars raking in MILLIONS. I can not promise you millions but I can provide some tips on getting started on earning those coins from your channel. 

monetise youtube

Join the YouTube Partner Programme. This is how you'll get those adverts that show up just before your videos. You will need to apply and your channel needs to have reached 10,000 views before your application will be reviewed. The program works by paying out a commission based on how many people view/click on those ads. This is the easiest and most passive way to earn an income via YouTube. Focus on producing great content and as your audience grows so does your commission. 

Sign up to an affiliate programme. There is no reason you shouldn't be earning from products you mention in your videos. Post links in your description box and direct your viewers there. Depending on the programme you are signed up with, you will earn a commission based on sales and/or clicks. You can also share these links on your social media channels.There are loads of programs to choose from but the most popular are AmazonShopStyle Collective and AWIN.  

Sponsored content. As your channel grows, you may want to start working with sponsors. Sponsored content for your channel can take the form of paid reviews, product endorsement and product placement.  You can be creative with the type of sponsored content you provide so it feels organic to your channel just be sure to include a disclaimer in the description box. 

Sell your own products. There is no harm in thinking big, right? This will come much later when your personal brand is established and your audience will invariably ask for it. This can be merchandise inspired by your content or a product line that relates to your content. You could team up with an established brand for a capsule collection. 

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