Blogger Spotlight: Sade of Stay Joyful

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Introducing Sade of Stay Joyful...

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.

I am 25+ London based blogger who thankfully could pass for younger (so I've been told). By day I work in education, but I'm also a dedicated volunteer with several organisations and work as an events coordinator part-time. I pretty much fell into events work and had no clue at the start if I'd even know what to do but I love it now. My work in education is definitely my passion and I love being involved in having a positive impact on the younger generation. As a self proclaimed positivity enthusiast I choose to live my life on purpose and helping people is definitely what I feel I was put on this earth to do. My blog focuses on empowerment and lifestyle and is a tool that allows me to share my journey and ideas. I discuss a wealth of topics and aim to leave my readers thoughtful and uplifted by the end of my posts. My main aim for my blog is to empower people to overcome challenges that they feel are holding them back and to inspire them to seek their purpose and to live it fully.

When did you start blogging and what motivated you to start?

I started blogging around 3 years ago, my friend actually inspired me to start. We used to have conversations where I would talk a lot about empowerment, my journey and the things I have done in order to grow myself. Our conversations often involved me putting on my mentor hat and encouraging him to never let challenges pull him down. He suggested I start a blog and share my empowerment with the world, and that's exactly what I did. I wrote my first post and felt so proud of what I had written and then the spark for writing was ignited. The journey began then and has continued, and I'm so grateful for the encouragement I received.

How has your blog evolved since starting your blogging journey?

My blog has evolved so much from the start, from the humble beginnings of a Wordpress blog to having my own domain. I first started specifically focusing on just empowerment, but I have now branched out to include lifestyle topics. I made the decision to branch out a bit as I felt I had so much to share and the lifestyle category allowed me to have flexibility. I have also included a quote section on my blog called 'joyful inspiration', I love writing quotes and usually share them on Instagram but I wanted a place on my blog that allowed my readers to connect with my quotes as well. My blog is still evolving to this day, I'm planning a layout refresh soon so watch this space. My blog is like a plant and I will continue watering it and enjoy its continued growth.

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What has been the most challenging part about running a blog?

For me consistency has been the biggest challenge with running my blog. I have had several blog breaks due to writers block, inspiration decline and also just trying to fit in content creating into my hectic schedule of work, events and volunteering. Although it's been a challenge I always manage to overcome it and return to blogging, I never quit even when it feels like it's hard. I love it and the freedom I have to share my views and ideas excites me.

What's your favourite post/s and why?

My favourite post is 'Toxic clean out: in progress'. I wrote this post at a time where I felt so overwhelmed with people who no longer deserved a place in my life. Although for a long time I had distanced myself from them I knew there needed to be a bigger step to truly free myself from the history we shared, the vibes that surrounded them and the ties that just needed to be cut once and for all. The post was therapy for me, and with every word I felt a sense of freedom, almost like a release. Writing that post allowed me to get a lot off of my chest and to truly let go of a lot of things I'd buried. The post Toxic clean out: in progress was literally that, me cleaning out toxins and reflecting on how important it is to be strong enough to cut ties.

Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years’ time?

In five years I would love to be an empowerment/inspirational speaker sharing my journey as well as being on my life coach journey and having a role in creating positive change for people both near and far.  In terms of my blog, I see it continuing to focus on what I'm truly passionate about and that is empowerment. I see the photography on my blog improving and capturing a beautiful visual representation of what best suits my type of content and all round having a blog that continues to bring me joy and remains true to why I began.

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Do you have any advice for bloggers who want to get into blogging about empowerment and self improvement?

My advice for newbies who want to get into empowerment and self improvement blogging is to 'get started'. The hardest step is writing your first post, but once that's done you're on your way. Always remain true to yourself and keep your content unique and authentic, there is nothing worse than copycat blogging. Use your experiences as testimonials for your content and don't focus on how many people read your posts. Remember this, even if just one person reads your post and takes something positive from your content that's what truly matters.

What are your hopes for the Black British Blogging community?

I hope that more black bloggers get the renegotiation they deserve for their content and that black bloggers are welcomed on to the main stage of the blogging world. I'd love for there to be more equality and appreciation for black bloggers in the wider blogging community and for black bloggers to be able to access more opportunities as a result of their amazing blog content.

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