How To Grow Your Blog With Pinterest by Naomi Mattis

I can’t lie, Pinterest completely baffled me for such a long time. It was great for when I wanted inspiration for bullet journals or redecorating. It’s simply a visual search engine, or so I thought. Since finding out that Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform overtaking Facebook and Twitter, I realised that I needed to utilise this tool to drive traffic to my blog and it’s working!

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Pinterest is perfect for bloggers to share their content. Numbers don’t lie. Currently over 75 billion pins have been shared to the site, by 175 million active users - 85% of those being female (source). Being a beauty and lifestyle blogger, that is my target demographic.

It is early days for my use of Pinterest, and I’m not promising that following these tips will get you thousands of followers in five minutes but it has ensured that I get a steady flow of traffic. Approximately 50% of my blog’s referred traffic comes directly from my pins.

Setting up your profile

I’ve convinced you and you’ve decided that you want to utilise Pinterest to help you build a brand and drive traffic to your blog. What’s your next step?

Sign up for a business account and link it to your blog. If you have an existing page for your blog, you can change the settings on a computer or laptop. Having a business account not only ensures that your Pinterest page has a clear link to your blog and looks more professional, it also provides analytics tools that aren’t available to personal accounts. These enable you to check how many times your pin has been seen and saved by others and helps you to keep a better track of your account.

N.B. Don’t worry, you can still use this account for your personal pins. I do. My multiple boards of cute kittens chasing balls of wool is on my secret board (this option is easily found in the settings for each board so my kitten obsession remains for my eyes only).

Create a board for your blog. Make sure that your Pinterest username matches your blog title as closely as possible so that you are easy to find across all platforms. The first board on your page should be directly linked to your blog, making it easy for readers to click onto your recent posts and drive traffic to your site. Importantly, for this board, and every other board that you create, make sure to include a board description that includes key words and search terms. This makes it even easier for people to come across your board when searching.

Keep each subsequent board as specific as possible. Narrow down the topic as much as possible. Instead of ‘Hair and Beauty’, have separate boards for ‘curly hair’ or ‘natural hair’ etc. People are more likely to search for specific terms and therefore more likely to come across you pin. I’ve also  given all of my boards a cover that fits my colour scheme so that they are easier to spot as belonging to my blog. Pinterest is all about the visuals.

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Using Pinterest

Create a pinnable graphic for each post. I tend to do this at the end of the post as it fits my site better, but it’s up to you. As long as you are creating visually pleasing pins that represent your brand, then they are more likely to get clicked on. Vertical pins look best on boards and if you use Canva, there are pre-made templates so you don’t even have to worry about dimensions, making it even easier to create a great looking pin.

I only have 246 followers on Pinterest, but by sharing on group boards, this pin has resulted in over 1000 referrals to my blog in just over a week.

I only have 246 followers on Pinterest, but by sharing on group boards, this pin has resulted in over 1000 referrals to my blog in just over a week.

When you have added the pin to your post, share it directly to your blog Pinterest board from your site. Doing it this way means that it automatically and easily creates a link to your website, enabling anyone who comes across your pin to click straight through to your blog. I’m a busy mum and work full time in addition to blogging, so I’m always looking for an easy way to do things. The quickest way that I’ve found to share my pins with a direct link to my blog, is to download a Pinterest plugin to use on the website. This allows me to pin any image directly to Pinterest. It’s not only easy for you but your readers can pin more easily too.

Make sure that you add descriptions to your pins with key words. This makes it easier for people to spot your pins, share them and click through to read your latest post.

Growing with Pinterest

Be active. Like any other social media, growth on Pinterest is heavily reliant on being both active and consistent. It’s recommended that you should pin between 20-25 times a day (not all your own content but sharing content that is relevant to your blog.) This is not easy to do so I would recommend a minimum of 5-10 times a day and ideally, spread throughout the day. Tailwind is a great scheduling app for Pinterest and Buffer is good too. Consistency is key, so try to post the same amount of posts daily rather than 50 on one day and nothing for months!

Network. It really isn’t rocket science. Pin. Repin. Follow people with similar accounts and interests within your niche.

Group boards are an excellent way to get your pins seen by many people. Most groups allow you to post your pins to a large audience, and in return you need to repin a couple of pins for every pin that you post. This means that if you pin your post to the board and someone with 5000 followers repins your pin, then potentially your pin could be seen by 5000 people. Search for group boards within your niche for the best results but general group boards are good too.

Visit my Pinterest page to see some excellent group boards for bloggers to join, including my own.

Feel free to contact me through Pinterest or to be added to my group board for female bloggers.

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