How To Overcome Bloggers Block

Bloggers block is when you are all out of ideas or you simply can't stump up the motivation to produce content. This happens a lot and it's no surprise as with more bloggers coming up everyday there is more pressure to produce original content and a lot of it. These tips will help you find your way out of the funk.

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Lean into your block briefly. Blocks are usually a sign you need a break so allow yourself the time off. Take a week or two to decompress and allow your mind to reset. Set yourself a deadline as a week can easily turn into four and next thing you know your blog is just another abandoned corner of the internet. 

Read. Watch. Listen. When I run out of ideas, I ingest as much culture as possible. I read the news, soak up popular culture and catch up with my favourite podcasts. Inspiration usually strikes. 

Banish the guilt. Don't feel guilty because you've not posted in a while. Feeling guilty and over apologising to your audience is only going to amp up the pressure. Your audience would rather have quality content than so so posts you've put out to meet a target.  

Immerse yourself in motivational books. I have motivational books that I turn to when I'm lacking enthusiasm for my blog. #Girlboss is a personal favourite. I also like books that provide strategies for improving my blog like this and this

Check your drafts and read old posts. There is always an idea or two lurking in your drafts that you can flesh out into a great post. Dig through your archive for posts that you can update and recycle.

Allocate writing time. Set aside some time that is dedicated to just writing. This can be an hour every Sunday morning with a cup of tea and Drake on loop. The routine will focus your mind. 

Hit the gym. This may not work for everyone but working out really clears my mind giving me the mental space to come up with original ideas. 

Reach out to your audience. Post a poll on social media and find out from your followers what they'd like to see more of. Look into trending topics and see if that gets your creative juices flowing. 

Check your analytics. Look through your most popular posts of the last year and the year so far. Are there any posts that you can re-imagine into new content?

Remind yourself why you got into blogging. You blog for a reason and if that reason still stands then so should your blog.