How To Craft The Perfect Email To Pitch Your Platform To Brands

You've spruced up your blog and social media and are ready to collaborate with brands. Here is everything you need to do to make sure you shoot your best shot.

perfect email pitch

Decide if it is the right fit for you. Before you start putting together your pitch, make sure the collaboration would actually work on your platform. Consider how it would align with the rest of your content. Be aware also of the requirements the brand are looking for. Most brands will have a follower count in mind but if you match up in every other way but you numbers aren't there yet, a killer pitch will at the very least put you on their radar. 

Research the brand. Give their website a scan and check out their social media. You will get a better sense of their brand and see what other things they are up to. This will not only help you decide if they are a right fit but also you can use what you've learned in your pitch.

Get your stats together. If you do not have a media kit (it seriously is worth doing) that you can attach to your email, list all relevant stats. You want to provide at the very least your following across social media, your monthly page views and any subscribers you have. I will say that the more detail you can provide about your demographic the better. Brands want to tap into your audience and the more they know the better. 

Include relevant examples. This makes a world of difference when it comes to being selected to work with a brand. You will need to show evidence that you are up to the job by providing examples of similar content you have created. If a brand is looking for a review, send a couple of examples of reviews you have done. It doesn't hurt to include other work you have done for other brands. It all speaks to your experience. 

Include all the links. Every pitch should include direct links to all the social media accounts attached to your blog. Do not include links to private accounts or personal pages. This way the brand can check out your pages and get a sense of who you are.