How To Get Your Blog Ready For Brand Collaborations

Ready to start working with brands? Follow these tips to make sure you and your platform are ready and attractive to would-be clients. 

blogger and brand collaborations

Update your 'About Me' page. This is the first stop for any business that is looking to work with you so this is an opportunity to sell yourself and your platform. Provide a brief description of who you are (please also include your location) and what your platform is about. You can also use this space to mention any interesting campaigns you've worked on, anywhere else your content has been featured and/or anything else that makes your platform unique. 

Post consistently. If you have not put out any new content in the last three months, your blog looks inactive and as such not worth investing in.  You should ideally be posting quality content at least once a week. 

Tidy up your social media. Your social media is part and parcel of your blog and plays a big role in how businesses measure your engagement. Make sure your social media is regularly updated and on message. This doesn't mean it has to be heavily curated, it just means it should be reflective of your blog personality. Private accounts for your blog are not a good idea if you are looking for brand collaborations. It limits your reach which is the exact opposite of what a business wants. 

Check for broken links.  Double check that the social media icons on your website/YouTube channel actually work. Links that go to defunct accounts show a lack of attention to detail.  It makes it a lot harder for businesses to find all the necessary info and it's also not great for your readers. This also goes for blog links on your social media pages. 

Make your contact information readily available. For the love of all that is blogging, please put your email address on your log and in your social media bio. It is not always possible to post all the necessary info in a DM and you can't share files via a contact form. Also make sure you are using the same address across all your platforms. 

Put together a media kit and rate card. When a brand contacts you, they are going to want to know stats about your platform and how much you charge. Having a media kit and rate card that you can send straight away looks professional and it's one less thing you have to think about. Be sure to update both as your blog grows.

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