13 Products Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers Can Sell Their Readers

Inspired by Shaun's amazing guest post, I have been thinking a lot about the products and services fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers could offer their audiences. Below are some ideas that could work for your platform.

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Fashion Bloggers

1. Personal shopper service
You can offer your readers personal style advice with product recommendations. This can take the form of an online video consultation or an in person shopping experience. This works particularly well if your style serves a particular niche i.e. tall girl fashion, vintage styling, traditional clothing. 
2. Styling for shoots
If you do the styling for your OOTD posts, why not offer that service out. You can style other bloggers, fashion brands and even offer to style shoots for magazines.
3. DIY kits
If you make or alter clothes on your blog, you can offer step by step downloadable video tutorials. You can also sell clothing patterns that your audience can download. 

Beauty Bloggers

4. Downloadable hair/makeup tutorials
While there are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube, if you do a series that is more detailed and step by step so it feels like an online course, people will be willing to pay for the information. This could be anything from wig making to mastering contouring.
5. Custom hair regimen
Offer downloadable custom hair regimens complete with product recommendations. You can also extend this to one on one Skype consultations. 

Travel Bloggers

6. Custom travel itineraries
Share your knowledge of the regions you've visited with your audience by offering custom travel itineraries. You could recommend places to stay, eat and visit. If you are able to form a relationship with any of your recommendations, you can also offer exclusive discounts. 

Food Bloggers

7. Downloadable recipe tutorials
Channel your inner Nigella and offer detailed and step by step video recipe tutorials. You could do individual recipes or offer a course that covers a three course meal. 
8. Custom recipes and meal plans
If your blog is centred on a particular lifestyle like veganism, sugar free etc, offer your audience a chance to download customised meal plans. You can create simple ones for beginners, low calorie options or family sized meal plans.

Fitness Bloggers

9. Fitness video tutorials
If you are confident and feel comfortable offering training videos, this is a good way to go.
10. Members only training group
Create a subscription based members only training group where you provide information, motivation and accountability check ins that go beyond what is already available for free on your blog. This could be a paid for Facebook group or be built into your website.  

Every Blogger

11. Blogger guides
Bloggers are always looking to learn from people who have already done what they hope to achieve. Share your knowledge with a detailed downloadable pdf guide. Not as long as a book but just as useful. 

12. Stock photos
Chances are you have a folder filled with gorgeous pictures that you no longer have any use for. If you took these pictures yourself (and as such own the rights to them), arrange them into packs and offer them as stock photos. 

13. Ebooks
This is an already quite popular step when it comes to providing digital products. Figure out what information you want to share and get writing!

Most platforms offer e-commerce pages which can support the sale of digital downloads. You can find how-tos for your specific platform online. You can also use external platforms like LemonStand and SendOwl to host your e-commerce page - they do however charge a monthly subscription fee.