Bad Blogger Habits To Break

We are halfway through the year and what better time to address our bad habits. Shake them off with these helpful tips and get a solid start on the second half of the year. 

blogging tips

Posting inconsistently
We all know this is a no no but it's something we've all been guilty of at some point. Break the habit by sticking to a realistic schedule that works with your other commitments. If that means one post a month, then so be it. 

Wanting engagement but not engaging
It takes two to tango and if your audience is leaving you comments and you don't respond, they'll eventually stop. This goes not just for your blog/YT channel, it applies to social media too. Break the habit by allocating time just for engagement. Commit 15 mins a day to showing your audience some love. 

Shaming and guilt triping your readers
We all get frustrated when we put the work in and don't get the desired response from our audience. What we aren't going to do is post a rant admonishing our followers for not acting in the way that we would like. This smacks of entitlement and will lose you followers fast. Instead vent your frustrations to a friend and rethink your strategy.

Not taking full advantage of your social media
Every platform has the potential to draw in a new audience to your blog and improve your interactions. You don't have to be on every platform but whichever you choose to use make sure you are putting it to work. If you are struggling to keep up (perfectly understandable), delete accounts you haven't got the energy for. It is much better to be absolutely smashing it on one platform than spreading yourself too thin across multiple. 

Not negotiating rates
You do not have to take the first offer a brand gives you. Be confident in the platform you have built and ask for what you are worth. This becomes infinitely easier if you have already quantified this amount. Find tips on setting rates here. 

Over the top clickbaity headlines
We are all fighting for attention online and while it is tempting to succumb to clickbait, all you are doing is increasing your bounce rate and diminishing the trust you have with your audience. Instead use SEO techniques and keyword optimisation to create search-friendly headlines. 

Checking your stats constantly
As the saying goes, a watched kettle never boils. Constantly refreshing your analytics isn't going to increase your audience, it's just going to make you frustrated. Channel that energy into something more productive (i.e engaging with your audience) that actually benefits your platform. 

Using copyrighted images
Find copyright free stock photos can be a mission and it's tempting to just take pictures from Google image search. Don't do it! Image copyright infringement penalties are real and can definitely happen to you. Check out this post on how one image ending up costing a blog $3000! Use Pixabay and Unsplash to find free stock photos or 50 Shades of Black Stock where you can pay for packs that feature women of colour. 

Neglecting the boring bits
We all know there is so much more to blogging than writing a post and hitting publish. There's making sure you use keywords, adding tags, optimising images to share on different platforms, scheduling social media posts and the list goes on. Skipping these steps does a disservice to the content you have created. To make sure it all gets done, allocate time for it in your blogging schedule so it doesn't feel like extra work and automate as much as possible. Once it becomes habit, it will feel less like a chore.