Writing The Perfect About Me Page

People tend to overlook their About Me pages but it's usually my first post of call when visiting a blog or YouTube channel for the first time. What I find here should tell me enough about you and your platform that I'll want to stick around and engage with your content. Below are some tips on how you can craft the perfect About Me.

blogging tips

Let your readers know what to expect
Use this space to clearly define your expected audience. You want everyone who lands here to know exactly the kind of good time they can expect from your platform. If you have a niche that you serve, don't be afraid to be specific. Your audience will be grateful to know they have found their tribe. 

Include a sprinkling of personal anecdotes
While you want to keep it centred on your platform, your audience are going to want to know a bit about you. There's no need for a mini biography but a little something that explains your motivations in setting up your platform goes a long way.

Add a little nod to your services and/or other projects
If you offer services via your blog and/or have another project that needs promoting, give it a mention here. This is a page that will consistently get good traffic so why not.

Talk up your achievements
Don't let that British reserve hold you back from talking up your minor and major wins. If you've won a blog award, spoken at events, worked with awesome brands etc make it part of your About Me story. You are kind of a big deal and people need to know. 

Share your social media links and subscriber form
You've won your reader over with your About Me and now they want to know how they can keep up to date with everything you. If you have a subscribe option (you really should) now is the time to shout about it. You want to also include your social media links and for the poor PR who wants to get in touch, your email address. 

A picture is a nice touch
This is not altogether necessary but if it aligns with your platform then I would highly recommend. It puts a face to the content and can help deepen the connection between you and your audience.