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How To Monetise Your Blog With LinkHive

How do I monetise my blog is probably one of the most frequent questions I get and for good reason. If you are investing time into producing content that is enjoyed by a loyal following, it makes sense to explore your platforms earning potential.

My first recommendation is always affiliate marketing as it's fairly easy to manage and depending on how much work you put in, it can net you a nice chunk of change. In this post I will be sharing how you can use LinkHive,  a social referral platform to monetise not just your blog/vlog but also your social media platforms.

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What is LinkHive?

LinkHive is an influencer network that offers bespoke campaigns for online content creators. You get a commission every time you influence an action. I know one of the big frustrations about blogging is feeling like you don’t count because you don’t have Patricia Bright numbers. LinkHive is aware of the power of micro bloggers (we discussed this at length) so they are open to working with you.

How does it work?

First thing you have to do is sign up and create a profile. Once you are logged in, you will see a rolling feed of brands. Click on the brand to find out the terms of their campaign and apply for what you think will work best for your audience. 

You will be provided with unique links that you can add to content on your blog and/or social media. LinkHive will track your performance and pay you a commission every time you influence the desired action. 

What sets it apart from other affiliate networks?

It’s a UK black owned business! 

A lot of other affiliate programs focus heavily on beauty and fashion. While you can find that on LinkHive, there are also campaigns available in gaming & tech, parenting, sports and much more.

Earnings are not always attached to influencing sales. Some campaigns offer pay-outs if you encourage your followers to download a free app or engage in a free trial.

Who can I expect to find on there?

The company is a start-up but they have already got contracts with big names like M&S, Nike, Nintendo, Superdrug and Levi’s. FYI Superdrug are looking for influencers to promote black haircare products. 

LinkHive is a fairly new platform but they do have exciting campaigns and big plans for the future. They will be adding more brands to their roster and they are already looking into ways to make their campaigns more lucrative for bloggers. If you are new to affiliate marketing or  just fancy giving a new affiliate network a go, then sign up for here.